Safety is part of our culture at CAP. It represents who we are and the way we work. As a part of that culture, we’re a member of OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) which means that we are constantly striving to improve upon what we’ve already achieved. Toward that end, in 2019 CAP’s Safety Vision Support Team is promoting a campaign that highlights the importance of staying safe in every situation, including those outside of work.The slogan is “At work or at play, safety leads the way,” and it features a different CAP employee each month. We hope this campaign will be a reminder to you and your family to stay safe throughout 2019.

Take Safety Home

Beyond Boiling: Microwaves are a quick way to boil water. However, if you leave the water in too long, you can superheat it, which means the water is heated to a temperature above normal boiling point. This can cause the water to become unstable, produce excessive steam and potentially cause it to boil vigorously or “explode” out of the container.

CAP at work or play Duong

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