Take Safety Home

Drowning Danger: Swimming pools aren’t the only drowning danger for children. Other dangers include bathtubs, buckets and toilets.

Beyond Boiling: Microwaves are a quick way to boil water. However, if you leave the water in too long, you can superheat it, which means the water is heated to a temperature above normal boiling point. This can cause the water to become unstable, produce excessive steam and potentially cause it to boil vigorously or “explode” out of the container.

Fish Tales: Fishing is fun, but is prohibited in the CAP canal. The water is moving very quickly and to ensure the safety of people and wildlife, all 336 miles of the canal is fenced.

Boating Safely: If you’re on the water, be sure to have an approved life jacket for everyone on board.

CAP Boating Safety

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CAP safety at work or play

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