Executive Committee

The Business Planning and Governmental Programs (BPGP) group provides a consistent and unified voice for Central Arizona Project (CAP) in matters of public policy, state and federal legislation and strategic positioning of the organization throughout legislative or regulatory processes. In addition, the group coordinates strategic activities across the organization to ensure that the Board of Directors' 2016 Integrated Internal Strategic Plan and other priorities, as well as CAP's business objectives, are met.

Strategic Planning

BPGP leads the creation and alignment of strategic and tactical business plans for all CAP departments. These plans enable the organization to identify and react to changes in its business environment and external relationships and thus improve CAP's operational and financial performance.

Legislative Affairs

BPGP directs development and implementation of CAP's state and federal legislative agendas. The staff serves as CAP's Designated Lobbyist in the Arizona State Legislature and oversee and coordinate the activities of CAP's state and federal contract lobbyists. Under the direction of the General Manager and consistent with Board policies and positions, the group manages communications with legislators, legislative staff, lobbyists and other water interests on legislative matters of interest to CAP.

Climate Research and Adaptation

BPGP represents CAP on policy-related climate and adaptation issues through membership in the Water Utilities Climate Alliance and through interactions with federal agencies such as NOAA, USGS, EPA and others. The group works closely with CAP's Resources Planning and Analysis staff to analyze and respond to potential impacts of climate variability on CAP's Colorado River entitlement.