Since its inception in 1996, the Arizona Water Banking Authority (AWBA), in partnership with CAP, has stored excess CAP water within Arizona. This water has been stored in underground storage and groundwater savings facilities throughout the CAP service area. By statute and agreement, CAP is responsible for recovering a portion of this stored water in support of:

  • CAP M&I subcontracts when there is a shortage in Colorado River water supplies
  • The Southern Nevada Water Authority Agreement
  • The Mohave County Water Authority Agreement

Over the last decade there have been numerous efforts by the AWBA and CAP to plan for recovery. In 2012, CAP compiled and distributed a draft Planning for Recovery document. Comments received were generally positive but stakeholders wanted to see a comprehensive and coordinated approach among the organizations involved in recovery.

Since that time, CAP's recovery planning efforts have focused on two closely related groups. The Interagency Recovery Planning Group is comprised of staff from CAP, AWBA and the Arizona Department of Water Resources(ADWR) and the Ad Hoc Recovery Planning Group, convened by ADWR, is  made up of individuals representing CAP, AWBA, ADWR, Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA), Southern Arizona Water Users Association (SAWUA), Salt River Project (SRP) and Pinal water users. The primary focus of the Interagency Group is on jointly drafting a Recovery Plan, while the Ad Hoc Recovery Group helps serve as a venue for stakeholder feedback and guidance.

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After almost 18 months, a Recovery Plan, Recovery of Water Stored by the Arizona Water Banking Authority, has been jointly developed by the Interagency Recovery Planning Group. On May 1st, the CAWCD Board voted to formally acknowledge that  this Joint Recovery Plan advances a strategic planning priority of the Board as well as advances the joint objective among CAWCD, AWBA and ADWR to develop a coordinated and cooperative planning process that includes distribution and recovery of water stored by the AWBA.

April 14, 2014 Final Joint Recovery Plan


May 1, 2014 Action Brief

April 17, 2014 Action Brief

March 6, 2014 Joint Recovery Plan Update

Joint Recovery Plan - Viewable Track Changes

Joint Recovery Plan - Track Changes Incorporated

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Glendale Comments

Metro Water Comments

Peoria Comments

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February 4, 2014 Joint Public Workshop

Joint Draft Recovery Plan January 9, 2014

October 16, 2013 Joint Recovery Plan Update

September 19, 2013 Joint Recovery Plan Update

September 19, 2013 Information Brief

March 21, 2013 Information Brief