Since its inception in 1996, the Arizona Water Banking Authority (AWBA), in partnership with CAP, has stored over four million acre-feet of CAP water in the aquifers of Central and Southern Arizona. This water has been stored in underground storage and groundwater savings facilities throughout the CAP service area. CAP is responsible for recovering a portion of this stored water in support of:

  • CAP M&I subcontracts when there is a shortage in Colorado River water supplies
  • The Southern Nevada Water Authority Agreement
  • The Mohave County Water Authority Agreement
Joint Recovery Plan
Joint Recovery Plan

On May 1st, 2014, the CAWCD Board voted to formally acknowledge the Joint Recovery Plan. The Plan advances the joint objective among CAWCD, AWBA and ADWR to develop a coordinated and cooperative planning process that includes distribution and recovery of water stored by the AWBA.

Joint Recovery Plan Implementation

CAWCD/SNWA Recovery Funding Agreement, the CAWCD/Arizona Water Company Recovery Exchange Agreement and associated letter agreement confirming recovery for SNWA

On March 2nd, 2017, the CAP Board approved the Agreement between Southern Nevada Water Authority and CAWCD. The Agreement facilitates the transfer of $1 million from SNWA to AWC for development of the AWC Underground Storage Facility and gives SNWA priority to 2,500 AF of CAP water per year. The 26-year recovery exchange agreement between AWC and CAWCD provides long-term recovery capacity for both interstate and instate firming needs. In years when recovery is needed, AWC will exchange up to 2,500 AF of their Project water per year with CAWCD for an equivalent volume of recovered credits leaving that amount of CAP water in Lake Mead for diversion by SNWA. An additional Agreement between CAWCD, the AWBA, SNWA, and the Colorado River Commission of Nevada satisfies certain requirements of the existing Interstate Recovery Agreement and memorializes SNWA’s priority use of AWC capacity.

Board Policy Allowing for the Use of the CAGRD Long-Term CAP Contract to Satisfy the Arizona Water Banking Authority’s Firming or Interstate Obligations

At the June 8th, 2017, meeting, the CAP Board approved a Board policy allowing for the exchange of the CAP contract held by CAWCD on behalf of the CAGRD, for Long-Term Storage Credits transferred into the Conservation District Account (CDA) to satisfy CAGRD’s replenishment obligation. When firming is needed, the policy allows the CAGRD to forego planned deliveries of Project Water scheduled to USF’s in exchange for an equal amount of AWBA long-term storage credits being assigned to the CAGRD’s CDA.

Regular meetings continue with CAP subcontractors and irrigation districts to secure additional recovery capacity.

Recharge FacilityTonopah Desert Recharge Project

CAP continues to explore recovery infrastructure at Tonopah Desert Recharge Project (TDRP).

2015 – Recovery Plan (August 5, 2015) - Outlines a potential recovery plan and associated costs.

2016 – Results of Exploration Drilling and Piezometer Array Installation (January 5, 2017) – Lithologic and water quality data for the unexplored deep part of the aquifer through drilling of three exploration boreholes and grouting in one borehole as a piezometer.

2017 - In 2017 a hydrologic test well was drilled and developed to improve understanding of the aquifer for refining recovery wellfield design. Results of the work are available here.

Recovery Updates

Recovery Briefing to the CAP Board

For additional information, please contact Resource Planning & Analysis at 623-869-2113