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This webpage is intended to provide up-to-date information regarding releases from Alamo Dam, focusing primarily on water quality. The US Army Corps of Engineers has released a hydrograph of the planned release from Alamo Dam, showing releases from March 12-31, 2018. CAP plans to monitor changes in water quality in Lake Havasu and the CAP system throughout the release period from Alamo Dam and to communicate the following to customers as events unfold:

  • Notifications from USACE regarding Alamo Dam Operations
  • Links to real-time information related to Alamo Dam data and pertinent USGS streamflow information
  • Updates regarding CAP operations
  • Pertinent Colorado River or CAP Water Quality data

CAP’s water quality sampling from Lake Havasu and the CAP canal will be made available as soon as possible. Additionally, normal real-time water quality data from Lake Havasu (at the CAP intake) and two points along the CAP canal are displayed in a chart.

CAP Operational and Water Quality Monitoring Plan during 2018 Alamo Dam Release (PDF)

CAP Water Quality Sampling Data

The maps below show the sampling locations at Lake Havasu and the CAP canal.

Lake Havasu Sampling Detail Updated

Canal Overall Water Quality Sampling Data


CAP Water Quality Operations Flow Updates at Waddell Dam


Alamo Release Notice and Hydrograph

This is the hydrograph released by the Army Corps of Engineers. CAP has added measured flow readings from the USGS stream gage on the Bill Williams River (below Alamo Dam) to this hydrograph.
4 02 18 0730 Final Alamo Discharge Hydrograph


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Contact Information

For questions regarding water quality, please contact
 - Anna Corrigan: 623-869-2629 Office, 703-505-9877 Cell

For questions regarding operations, please contact
 - Marcus Shapiro: 623-869-2528 Office, 602-819-9881 Cell or
 - John Hussen: 623-869-2426 Office, 623-256-9094 Cell

Patrick Dent, Water Control Manager: 623-869-2581 Office, 602-399-3943 Cell