In late 2019 CAP will perform a six week outage on the Salt River Siphon consisting of dewatering the Siphon, inspections and repairs. The outage will be a 24 – 7 operation with work underway around the clock. Specialized equipment will be used to recoat sections of the 21’ diameter siphon pipe and re-weld sections of the siphon, where required. In 2018 CAP will procure the appropriate technical experts and construction contractor. Together with CAP, the project team will plan, design and coordinate the 2019 Salt River Siphon outage.

CAP is asking stakeholders to provide the following feedback

  • Preferred outage start date
  • Issues or challenges that might be incurred due to the duration or timing of the outage

Feedback due date: April 17, 2017

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