Lake Pleasant Operations

Water of the CAP comes from two basic sources: the Colorado River and Lake Pleasant. Lake Pleasant water is both from the Colorado River via CAP and the Agua Fria River. Generally, water is banked in Lake Pleasant during low demand periods such as the winter and released during high demand periods such as the summer. The quality of the water from these sources can vary significantly. Water quality of the CAP is, to a large degree, dependent upon regional weather patterns. Total dissolved solid concentrations of CAP water behave in a cyclical nature related to natural flood and drought periods, with TDS dropping during wetter times and increasing during extended dry periods.

Waddell Data as of 7/1/2015 20:31:01 PM
Lake Pleasant Water Surface Elevation:1684.73
Lake Pleasant Storage Volume (acre-ft):692014.63
Lake Pleasant - % Full:80.58
Lake Pleasant - Surface Area (acres):8703.16
Plant Pumping(+)/Releasing(-) Flow (cfs):-2214.30
River Outlet Works Flow (cfs):0.00
Lower Lake Elevation:1434.15

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