CAP’s right to Colorado River water is junior to most other users in the Lower Basin (Arizona, California and Nevada), so CAP will suffer the largest reduction of water deliveries in the event of a shortage on the river. In anticipation of those reductions, CAP and the State of Arizona have spent decades developing Arizona’s strategy for mitigating and responding to shortages on the Colorado River. For years, CAP has been storing Colorado River water underground and now has millions of acre-feet of stored water in its aquifers to turn to in times of future shortage.


When it comes to water, quantity is a big issue these days - but quality is always a top priority, as well. That's why, more than 15 years ago, the Valley's water quality experts created Tap Into Quality as a resource where residents could easily learn more about the quality of their water. The resulting public education campaign is supported by Valley cities, CAP, SRP and the Arizona Water Association with a goal of increasing awareness about the safety, convenience and affordability of the region's tap water.

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