By Gail Cordy, President, AHS Foundation


Another Southern Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (SARSEF) has come and gone. Many thanks to Marla Odom and Dan Guido of Montgomery & Associates for joining me in judging the science projects for grades K–12. We focused our attention on projects with a water theme. Our goal was to select winners for $750 in prize money — $550 provided through a Central Arizona Project (CAP) grant to the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS) Foundation and $200 from the AHS Tucson Chapter.

By Chuck Cullom, Colorado River Programs Manager


In response to extended drought in the Colorado River Basin which is increasing the risks of shortage to Arizona and the Central Arizona Project (CAP), CAP and its partners throughout the Colorado River Basin system are investing in ways to put more water in Lake Mead, which is the country’s largest reservoir. According to our latest calculations, by the end of 2016, we will have boosted the lake level by nearly five feet. To put that in perspective – that’s the difference between being in a shortage and not being in a shortage this year.

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