By Jessica Fox, CAP ECO Team Chair 


For the past 30 years, Central Arizona Project (CAP) has been Arizona’s single largest resource for renewable water supplies. During that time, CAP’s commitment to the environment has been unwavering. 

Fish Release into CAP Canal

Those efforts are now highlighted on CAP’s website under CAP Sustainability Initiatives, and are a direct reflection of CAP’s Board of Directors Strategic Plan. Our initiatives strive to reduce waste, prevent pollution, and minimize consumption of resources. We’ve accomplished our goals in a variety of ways, such as implementing compressed workweeks, installing energy-efficient lighting, utilizing fish instead of chemicals for weed control, and training employees to work in an environmentally responsible way.

CAP CanalIn addition to these efforts, employees formed CAP’s ECO Team in 2009. The Team partners with CAP’s management and Environmental Department to strengthen CAP’s commitment to corporate sustainability in all areas of the organization. As chair of this 12-person team, I am proud to be part of a group of employees who care so deeply about the sustainability of our environment, our community, and our stakeholders.  Our accomplishments include implementing single stream recycling across the entire system, reducing waste volume, and sponsoring the Phoenix Adopt A Street cleanup near Headquarters.

CAP and its ECO Team will continue to work hard to ensure CAP is a leader in environmental sustainability, so be sure to check back frequently to learn more about our efforts. 

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