Safety is a daily priority in every job at CAP, and last week that commitment was renewed at CAP’s seventh annual Safety Week.  

Employees attended classes at CAP’s Headquarters that focused on making employees’ daily lives safer, whether they are at work or at home. Various safety-related topics were covered such as confined spaces, first aid, snake handling and more. 

And the effort is paying off. Injury rates and preventable vehicle accidents (PVA) are considerably below industry averages. In fact, CAP’s Warehouse staff has worked more than 20 years and driven more than one million miles without a single PVA. Safety is so important at CAP that it’s stated as one of the organization’s top five annual goals: Increase safety awareness, manage safety performance and promote safe, responsible behavior. 

Safety Week 1

Employees using a controlled environment to practice current procedures and learn new confined space entry and fall protection techniques.   

Safety Week 2

Employees demonstrating safe equipment operating skills while competing in a friendly “equipment rodeo.”

wildlife training

Many employees work in remote desert locations where the “local inhabitants” may not be so friendly.  An employee learns about some of the wildlife that may be encountered while in the field.

on-site eye exam

Dr. Eric Buensuceso returned to CAP for the second year, offering employees the convenience of an on-site eye exam.

blood draw and biometric screening

Employees participated in a blood draw and biometric screening to stay on top of their health & wellness. 

practicing safe high voltage electricity skills

An APS employee demonstrates practicing safe high voltage electricity skills.

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