Arizona has a long history of proactive and forward-thinking water management. We do not merely stand and wait for something to happen. 

In nearly 50 years, Arizona has many important accomplishments for our residents. Central Arizona Project’s efforts have been led by its 15-member publicly elected Board of Directors; a group that throughout the years has included some very distinguished leaders. Numerous former Arizona Governors have served on the board. In 1987, four held seats on the CAWCD Board at the same time: Jack Williams, Howard Pyle, Sam Goddard and Paul Fannin. 

CAP’s first Board President was Roger Ernst, who served as Assistant Secretary of State under President Eisenhower. The first Board Vice President was Dwight Patterson who was credited with bringing the Chicago Cubs to Mesa for spring training. US congressmen such as Senator Paul Fannin and Representative John J. Rhodes III have also served.  

CAP Current Board Members

Together, the Board has helped shape Arizona’s water future. They developed an alternative to Orme Dam, which conserved water in Lake Pleasant and provided flood control for the region. They led a collaborative workgroup that initiated a trial run of the Yuma Desalting Plant. They saved Arizona citizens millions of dollars by settling the dispute with the federal government over the construction costs of CAP. They implemented the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District 10-year plan, doubling underground storage capacity and piloting recharge projects.

As Arizona faces drought, structural deficit and many other complex water issues, CAP’s Board will continue to work hard to serve the residents of Arizona to ensure a secure and reliable water future. 

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