Central Arizona Project (CAP) delivers 1.5 million acre-feet of Colorado water to central and southern Arizona. But our state is a desert, so conservation is important. 

WUIW Website Screenshot

To encourage conservation, CAP is a partner and supporter of the regional campaign, Water Use it Wisely (WUIW).

The campaign includes promotions for everyday ways to conserve water inside your home, outside your home and at the office. CAP Board member Ben Graff recently appeared on Sonoran Living to talk about the importance of adjusting our outdoor watering controllers and irrigation systems.

Did you know that as the weather changes, so does a plant’s water needs? That means adjusting the controller each season is a great way to save water. WUIW offers a free guide called Watering by the Numbers to help with how much and how often to water.

WUIW Water Infographic

That is only one of the great resources offered by WUIW. They have a handy toolkit full of tips, guides, ideas and products to improve water efficiency and save you money. They also have a calendar of events, news and events, a list of demonstration gardens, information about water-saving products and more!

And if you’re thinking about updating your landscaping, Water Use It Wisely has a contest called Drab to Fab – you can enter to win a backyard makeover. Learn more about the Drab to Fab Backyard Rehab and enter by May 31.

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