Editor’s Note: Every year, Central Arizona Project hosts Take Your Kids to Work Day for our employees’ children and grandchildren. 

CAP Kids Day Activity

Through hands-on activities, we educate children about Arizona’s water supply and give them an opportunity to see what it’s like to have a career. In 2017, our theme was “Teamwork” and we had more than 160 attendees. The kids rotate in groups to different stations where they learn a variety of things. We teach them about the power of water by having them move ping pong balls with water guns, demonstrate the difficulty of moving water (it’s heavy!) through relay races and explain the impact of technology through 3D printing demonstrations. This year there were more than 10 activities to teach kids about CAP’s work, and how to work together to accomplish goals. Haley is 14 years old and is one of the children who looks forward to attending this annual educational event.

Hi, my name Haley and this is my sixth year attending kid’s day at CAP.  My cousins came with me this year and we had so much fun.  Gavin is 10 and this is 2nd time coming and Colin is 8 and was his first time.  Gavin reminded me of a few of the events that he liked today and from past years.

All of the activities at Kids Day help me learn about all the different parts about taking care of water. I remember a few years ago we did an activity that taught us about how the water gets back underground.

Another one of my favorite activities a few years ago was a marshmallow dart gun.  We made the gun and then we got to see who could shoot the marshmallows the farthest. I also liked when APS was here and they blew up a hot dog to show how strong electricity is and to teach us to be careful around electricity.  

CAP Kids Day ParticipantThis year I really enjoyed the 3D printer.  It was very interesting to learn that the printers may one day be able to print human body parts. I also liked the diversity bingo activity. The multiple choice questions about us was fun, and it helps us get to know the other kids in our group.

The sheriff’s hanger was neat. I loved watching the officer repel out of the helicopter and seeing it fly so close to us. The one year they had the attack dogs was great, I love how obedient the dogs are. 

I think that spending time at my mom’s work has helped me realize that I want to work in a place like CAP and be successful like her. Also, I get to meet a lot of great kids for the day that I could see becoming friends with. The activities help you get to know other people.

The best part of kid’s day is being with my mom for the day and seeing her coworkers that have watched me grow up.  Everyone is so nice and you can tell they really care about us.

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