Water is a precious resource for desert dwellers in the Southwest. So Central Arizona Project (CAP) has developed a wealth of water-wise resources for teachers of all grade levels to help students understand the importance of water and learn ways to help preserve this natural resource.

Teaching About Water

This knowledge is even more valuable as Arizona deals with a 17-year drought and potential shortage on the Colorado River.

CAP has worked with educators across the state to develop three in-class programs, each with easy-to-use lessons appropriate for various grade levels. Each of these programs is aligned to Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards. In addition, CAP provides a series of nonfiction reading passages to develop student’s competence for Common Core Anchor Reading Standards.

H2O for Kids is designed for students in kindergarten through third grade. It guides students through historical water use in Arizona from the ancient Hohokam to the innovations of today and includes tips on household water conservation for kids and parents. It provides an activity book with coloring pages, basic math activities, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

The Arizona Water Story is designed for students in grades 4-6 and includes a six-lesson teacher’s guide and a three-part video. This program may be particularly useful as a supplement to the study of Arizona as a state or to a physical science unit on natural resources. The content is designed to help students develop critical thinking and analytic skills.

Teacher Demonstrating Water Cycle

H2O4U is designed for middle school and high school students to learn about the Colorado River, water conservation, water safety, and careers in the water industry. Activities can be used independently or together as a unit. An online computer game provides students with the opportunity to test their river mapping skills, complete challenging water math problems and more.

Nonfiction Reading Passages provide opportunities to develop students’ competence for Common Core Anchor Reading Standards. Students make logical inferences to answer the research-based questions on readings about discovering the Colorado River, harvesting the monsoon rain, and measuring snowpack.

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