Honoring the sacrifices of our military men and women is, of course, the foundation of Veterans Day.

CAP Employees Volunteer for Veterans Day

In that spirit, CAP employees and family members worked last Saturday, to pay tribute to Nora, the widow of one Valley veteran. Not only did Nora’s late husband serve in the military, but her two sons also are veterans.

“Nora is a great example of the type of person we hope to reach with our Veterans Day projects,” said Vicky Campo, event coordinator. “She and her family have given so much to all of us and this is our small way of saying thank you.”

Each year in November, CAP takes on a project to honor the service of our veterans. CAP employees have built accessibility ramps, painted homes, laid carpet and made repairs for the men, women and family members who have served our country.

CAP partners with a local nonprofit called Rebuilding Together on these Veterans Day projects. Rebuilding Together helps identify the families, provides the supplies and coordinates the work, while CAP provides the labor.

Bob Steele is a CAP employee and a veteran himself. He helps coordinate this workday.

“Veterans and their families have given a part of their lives in a way that non-veterans cannot fully comprehend,” Steele said. “Signing up to make the ultimate sacrifice, watching your loved one leave for war and spending months and years apart – all in the name of your neighbor’s freedom – is a different level of honor and stress. Both last a lifetime. We should all take the opportunity to be part of a community that gives back to them.”

Veterans Day is an acknowledgement that those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country deserve our admiration and support. CAP believes we owe these men and women a debt that can never fully be repaid. This annual workday is just a small token of CAP employees’ gratitude.

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