If you need a break from turkey, football and shopping this weekend, consider a family hike. Treks for all abilities abound throughout Arizona.

Deem Hills CAP Information Sign

One to consider is Deem Hills, in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, located west of I-17 near Happy Valley Road. Its characteristic black rock is a dark lava called basalt and it features a variety of native desert vegetation such as saguaros, barrel cacti, buckhorn cholla, brittlebush, ocotillo, creosote, globe mallow and Palo Verde trees.

Deem Hills is a popular hiking spot amongst CAP employees who enjoy the overlook to the CAP aqueduct. Seeing an opportunity to educate the public about the CAP system and its relevance to Arizona, CAP contacted the City of Phoenix, developing a partnership that led to the creation and installation of an educational sign. The sign includes fun facts, based on answers to frequently asked questions:

  • The City of Phoenix receives Colorado River water via the CAP
  • The average depth of the canal is 16.5 feet
  • Water moves through the canal at 2.4 miles per hour
  • Water is lifted nearly 3,000 feet in elevation during its journey
  • Lake Pleasant, located about 10 miles from Deem Hills, is CAP’s largest reservoir, with capacity to store more than 800,000 acre-feet
  • As an alternative to chemicals, grass-eating carp are used to control algae in the canal

If you do plan on hiking – this weekend or anytime – be prepared:

  • Dress appropriately with the proper shoes, clothes, hat and sunscreen
  • Bring more water along than you think you’ll need
  • Stay in touch and carry your cell phone

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving from Central Arizona Project! 

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