Central Arizona Project (CAP) is getting Back 2 Basics during Safety Week, an annual celebration of the organization’s commitment to Safety for Life.

Safety for Life LogoThroughout the year—and especially during Safety Week—CAP highlights its high safety standards. Although on-the-job safety is certainly a high priority, CAP also commits to its employees’ safety in all aspects of their lives – hobbies, family and even cyber-security.

During Safety Week, employees will be taking classes on a variety of safety- and wellness-related topics including driving safety (backing up and securing loads), outdoor safety for women and families, serious sun safety, cyber threats in 2018, ergonomics and bee awareness. Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone will be one of the lunchtime keynote speakers.

“CAP has a very strong and very long-held commitment to safety,” says Ted Cooke, CAP general manager. “It is one of our most cherished values. Why does safety, out of all the things that are important to us, get this kind of attention? It is because what we are attending to is the very well-being of our employees.”

CAP’s commitment to safety pays off. Last year, CAP had only one injury that resulted in time away from work. It’s not the first time CAP has gone a full year with only one injury – it is, however, the first year CAP has lost only one work day.

“Our commitment to safety goes beyond words, policies and procedures, programs, banners and badges. Our commitment must manifest itself in results, or it would be meaningless,” says Cooke. “You can see our commitment in our injury and accident rates and statistics – amazing achievements by any standard.”

Throughout the year, CAP will be focusing on going back to basics, turning attention to the everyday tasks that often become second nature – safe driving, pre-job briefings, personal protective equipment and job hazards.

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