By Ryan Wood, Phoenix Program Manager, Watershed Management Group

30 volunteers. 5 hours. 7 trees. 88 plants. And the potential to capture more than 5,500 gallons of rainwater!

By Connie Wilhelm, Chief Executive Officer, Home Builders Association of Central Arizona and David Godlewski, President, Southern Arizona Home Builders Association
(NOTE: the following opinion piece appeared in The Arizona Republic on March 15, 2018)

The Arizona Republic’s Linda Valdez has done a genuine disservice to readers with her recent opinion piece (Why central Arizona can raid everyone else's water - and it's all legal 2/15/18).

By Ted Cooke, General Manager, Central Arizona Project (NOTE: The following are remarks made to the Congressional Western Caucus at its March 9 Arizona and Western Policy Roundtable)

I am here to tell a story of seeking balance – balance between using and conserving water.


The CAWCD Board of Directors has formed a Customer Service Task Force with the objective of identifying actionable improvements to CAP customer service processes.


Central Arizona Project (CAP) is getting Back 2 Basics during Safety Week, an annual celebration of the organization’s commitment to Safety for Life.


In Arizona – especially when it comes to the Colorado River – water managers seem to have a language all their own. Here are five key terms you’ve likely heard – and perhaps used – related to efforts to conserve water in Lake Mead.

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