The Central Arizona Project canal stretches across the state, through both remote deserts and highly populated areas. One of the issues that CAP crews deal with in almost every region is illegal dumping, and it’s an issue that puts workers at risk. 

By Scott Bryan, CAP Senior Biologist  


The CAP is an engineering marvel. Over 330 miles in length, the concrete-lined canal transports approximately 1.5 million acre-feet of water each year to the people of Arizona. 


Social media is all about sharing information and here at Central Arizona Project, we’re trying to educate Arizonans about our water supply and its importance to our community. But we need your help! 


CAP has two real-time water quality monitoring systems installed on the CAP system to provide valuable information to CAP water users, one at CAP headquarters near 7th Street and another in the east valley near McDowell Road. 

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