By Brian Young, CAP Power Programs Manager

The Navajo Generating Station (NGS) owners and the Navajo Nation have recently come to terms on a lease agreement that will allow NGS to continue to operate through 2019.


Water is a precious resource for desert dwellers in the Southwest. So Central Arizona Project (CAP) has developed a wealth of water-wise resources for teachers of all grade levels to help students understand the importance of water and learn ways to help preserve this natural resource.


For more than 30 years, CAP’s Board of Directors has been a collaborative partner in Arizona’s water community. The 15-member, publicly elected board has guided policies, making decisions that were momentous and shaped Arizona’s water future.


Editor’s Note: Brad Makrdichian is a heavy equipment operator, working from Mark Wilmer Pumping Plant near Lake Havasu to Burnt Mountain, approximately 93 miles away.

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