Central Arizona Project (CAP) is pleased to announce the selection of Greg Ramon as its new Assistant General Manager of Maintenance.  Ramon succeeds John D. Newman who recently retired after fourteen years on the job.  Ramon will begin his new duties at CAP on Monday, April 12, 2010. 

Ramon comes to CAP from the City of Phoenix, where he has worked since 2000.  For the past five years, Ramon served as Assistant Water Services Director.  As Assistant Director, he was responsible for the Operations and Maintenance Branch, which oversees 900 employees at six water treatment facilities, three wastewater treatment facilities, more than 12,000 miles of water and sewer pipelines, 400,000 service connections and associated remote water and wastewater infrastructure.  Ramon has worked in all areas of maintenance operations throughout his career. 

Ramon earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Management from National Louis University in Evanston, Illinois and his MBA from the University of Phoenix. 

General Manager David Modeer said, "We are pleased Mr. Ramon is joining our organization to lead our Maintenance Group, which is responsible for delivering Colorado River water 336 miles from Lake Havasu south to Tucson.  We will heavily rely on Mr. Ramon's knowledge, skill and experience to manage our exceptional crafts and trades workforce and ensure the reliable and safe delivery of Arizona's most precious resource." 

Commenting on Ramon's departure from the City of Phoenix, City Manager David Cavazos said, "Greg is an exceptional employee and dedicated servant to our City.  We congratulate him on this career opportunity and wish him the best of luck in serving not only Phoenix, but the millions of residents throughout central and southern Arizona served by CAP."


CAP is the steward of central Arizona's Colorado River water entitlement and a collaborative leader in Arizona's water community. The 336-mile-long CAP system brings about 1.5 million acre-feet of renewable Colorado River water to its customers -- cities, businesses, agriculture and Indian communities -- in Pima, Pinal and Maricopa counties. An acre-foot of water is about 326,000 gallons.