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Central Arizona Project (CAP) is proud to announce the June 2010 Community Investment Grant program recipients. Twice a year (in December and June), CAP recognizes projects that focus on Colorado River water, enhance alternative water usage or promote water conservation. Grants of up to $5,000 go to organizations in its Maricopa, Pima and Pinal County Service Area.

The CAP Contributions Committee, which includes representatives from CAP's elected Board of Directors, staff and customers, reviewed sixteen applications. The Committee chose to award grants to seven non-profit organizations:

Arizona Hydrological Society Foundation - $2,200 to provide scholarships supporting the Society's Summer Internship program and Science Fair Awards to K-12 students who participate in either the Southern or the Central Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fairs.

Flowing Wells, Sunnyside and Tucson Unified School Districts - $936 to FWUSD, $1,326 to SUSD, and $2,970 to TUSD. The funding will support water education in each of the school districts by providing the transportation of teachers and students to the Sweetwater Wetlands Water Festival where students experience a half-day field study and learn how their study of science and water issues connect to the real world of water management.

Watershed Management Group - $3,500 to develop and implement a series of water conservation technical trainings to provide southern Arizona professionals, educators and residents with the skills to create gray water reuse and rainwater harvesting systems and storm water catchments.

East Maricopa Resource Management Center- $5,000 to provide interactive water education to visitors at the Maricopa Agricultural Center (MAC). The project includes two water stations and corresponding water education lesson plans and activities. Students and teachers will learn how agriculture and cities use water, and how reservoirs store water.

Natural Resource Education Center - $5,000 to expand the Center's interactive water education demonstrations and enhance the curriculum for the Water Out West field day. Programs include Ag Ventures (grades 1-3), Veggie Ventures (grades 1-6), Desert Ag Ventures (adult visitors) and Water Out West, which includes a segment devoted to CAP.


CAP supports water leadership, education, research, planning and innovation to preserve and sustain Arizona's critical water supplies. The Colorado River water provided by CAP is the principal source of renewable water for cities, businesses, agriculture and Native American communities in Pima, Pinal and Maricopa counties.