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The Central Arizona Project (CAP) Board of Directors will hold its monthly meeting in the Tucson area on Thursday, October 7. The meeting, which is free and open to the public, will take place at the Omni Tucson National, 2727 West Club Drive, in the Papago Ballroom. The meeting begins at 10 AM.

At the general Board meeting, an item of interest to Tucson area residents, businesses and elected officials will be a report on the status of Tucson Area CAP Reliability discussions between local water providers, the Bureau of Reclamation and Central Arizona Project. The intent of these discussions is to agree on a plan to ensure reliable delivery of CAP water allocations to the Tucson region.

In addition to its regular meeting, the Board will hold a Public Policy Committee meeting beginning around 9 AM at the same location. At this committee meeting, CAP staff will provide reports on local, state and national legislation, environmental rule-making and other policy items that may impact CAP or in which the Board may wish to play a role.

Board members and staff will be available for interview during planned breaks in the meeting agenda. Additional information and the October Board meeting agenda are posted on the CAP web site at