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Twice a year (December and June), Central Arizona Project (CAP) recognizes projects that focus on Colorado River water, enhance alternative water usage or promote water conservation. Grants of up to $5,000 go to organizations in CAP's three-county Service Area.

The CAP Contributions Committee, which includes representatives from CAP's elected Board of Directors, staff and customers, reviewed sixteen applications. The Committee chose to award grants to seven non-profit organizations, including three in Pima County:

Pima County

The Educational Enrichment Foundation - $2,000 to provide funding for the 11-12 School year for K-12 teacher-initiated projects that focus specifically on water issues, the effects of water on our environment, water conservation and environmental awareness.

Great Expectations Academy - $5,000 to install rooftop rainwater harvesting system and cisterns on two buildings to irrigate playground grass, pollinator gardens and an ethnobotany garden.

Cooper Center for Environmental Learning - $1,485 to retrofit 17 urinals with Ecoblue Cube system (uses 3% of the water of a standard urinal) at the Cooper Center, Robins Elementary School and the Correctional Officers Training Academy (COTA).

Maricopa County

Arizona Community Tree Council - $1,000 to purchase a water harvesting cistern and conduct two public water harvesting workshops in partnership with local nonprofits.

Arizona Municipal Water Users Association - $5,000 to fund an update of the AMWUA Facility Managers' Water Conservation Guidebook and transition the guide from print to online.

Arizona Nursery Association Foundation - $3,000 to establish an annual scholarship for horticulture students committed to studying low water use plants, developing new low water use plants or studying more efficient irrigation technologies.

Children's Museum of Phoenix$2,500 to conduct educational programs focusing on water (water cycle, water-energy nexus, conservation, safety) to help children become aware of water's importance in the desert and role in natural sciences, health and other fields.


CAP supports water leadership, education, research, planning and innovation to preserve and sustain Arizona's critical water supplies. The Colorado River water provided by CAP is the principal source of renewable water for cities, businesses, agriculture and Native American communities in Pima, Pinal and Maricopa counties.