Mitch Basefsky

Central Arizona Project (CAP) is proud to announce the winners of the 2012 CAP Award for Water Research. The Award recognizes excellence in graduate or undergraduate student research addressing water issues facing the lower basin states (Arizona, California and Nevada). Award judges include representatives of CAP’s popularly elected Board of Directors, CAP customers and management, and other members of the water community.

The 2012 CAP Award for Water Research winners are:

  • The 1st Place Award winner is Matthew Stroud, a graduate researcher in Hydrology and Water Resources at the University of Arizona, for his research paper titled "Solar Desalination in The Southwest United States." Mr. Stroud will receive $1,000 from CAP.
  • The 2nd Place Award winner is Elizabeth Martin, a Ph.D. student in Water Resources Engineering at Arizona State University, for her paper "Value Intensity of Water Used for Electrical Generation in the Western U. S.; An Application of Embedded Resource Accounting." Ms. Martin will receive $500 from CAP.

In addition to the cash awards, CAP sponsors the students to the Arizona Hydrological Society Annual Symposium where award recipients will be recognized during a special luncheon, and will present their research during regular conference sessions. The winning papers will be published in the conference proceedings and on the CAP web site (

The 2012 Symposium will take place September 18-21, at the Desert Willow Conference Center in Phoenix.

CAP’s Award for Water Research is one of many community outreach programs created to provide information, support and education to Arizonans of all ages, from school children to civic leaders, to help ensure the sustainability and economic vitality of our state.