Proposed Supplemental Rule from EPA Significantly Reduces Emissions from Navajo Generating Station While Providing Greater Certainty for Arizona Water and Power Customers

Contacts: Bob Barrett, CAWCD 623-869-2135, Vickie Patton, EDF 720-837-6239, Linus Everling, GRIC 520-562-9763, Stephen Etsitty, Navajo Nation 505-870-6595, Scott Harelson, SRP 602-236-2500, Jessica Kershaw, DOI 202-208-6416, John Nielsen, Western Resource Advocates 303-885-8099

A Technical Work Group (TWG), established to identify emission reduction alternatives for the Navajo Generating Station, is encouraged that the Environmental Protection Agency has issued a supplemental BART proposal for the Navajo Generating Station that is responsive to the proposal submitted by the group to the EPA in July. 

Although additional analysis will be required, the TWG is pleased that an initial review of the EPA’s supplemental proposal indicates that EPA finds merit in the TWG’s “better than BART” alternative. 

Importantly, the public will have ample opportunity now to provide input on both the supplemental proposal as submitted by the TWG and initial BART (Best Available Retrofit Technology) rule proposed by the EPA on Feb. 5. The EPA will conduct public comment sessions and take public comment until Jan. 6, 2014.

The TWG consists of representatives from the Central Arizona Water Conservation District, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Gila River Indian Community, the Navajo Nation, Salt River Project (on behalf of itself and the other NGS owners), the U.S. Department of the Interior, and Western Resource Advocates.