CAGRD - The replenishment authority of CAWCD is commonly referred to as the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District ("CAGRD"). The purpose of the CAGRD is to provide a mechanism for landowners and water providers to demonstrate an assured water supply under the new Assured Water Supply Rules ("AWS Rules"), which became effective in 1995.

Finance - The Finance and Accounting Department is a team of professionals that provides oversight and accountability in regard to the District's finances. The department is responsible for all financial-related activities within CAP.

Lands - The Land Department is responsible for managing all lands associated with the CAP. Water delivery is CAWCD's primary mission, therefore all proposed uses of CAP land (utility crossings, roadways, communication sites, etc.) are evaluated to determine the overall effect on the CAP.

Legislative Affairs - The Business Planning and Governmental Programs (BPGP) group provides a consistent and unified voice for CAP in matters of public policy, state and federal legislation and strategic positioning of the organization throughout legislative or regulatory processes. In addition, the group coordinates strategic activities across the organization to ensure that the Board of Directors' 2011 Integrated Internal Strategic Plan and other priorities, as well as CAP's business objectives, are met.

Maintenance - The Maintenance Group strives to provide an injury-free, "Target Zero" work place for each employee, while maintaining an efficient and reliable water delivery system for Arizonans.

Planning - CAP's planning includes recovery planning, the Lands Department and the strategic business plan.

Recharge Program - Recharge is a long-established and effective water management tool that allows renewable surface water supplies, such as the Colorado River, to be stored underground now for recovery later during periods of reduced water supply. CAP has developed seven recharge projects and currently operates six (Avra Valley was sold to Metro Water in 2010).

Water Operations - Information about water operations including allocations, deliveries, Lake Pleasant operations, storage agreements and excess water.