Budget 2010-11The Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD or District), also known as the Central Arizona Project (CAP) presents the 2010-2011 Biennial Budget in one cohesive document. The budget document includes a business plan that identifies goals and objectives, and quantifies the resources necessary to accomplish those objectives.

Previous years’ budgets were published in two volumes. The first volume presented a high level summary in a commercially printed stand-alone document. The second volume contained detailed supporting information in landscape format. For the 2010-2011 Biennial Budget, we have condensed the information into a single document in loose-leaf portrait format. However, the budget includes an Executive Summary, similar to the previous Volume 1, that can serve as a stand-alone document for those constituents who are interested only in summary-level information.

To download the entire (64 MB) document, use this link.
To download only the (smaller) specific subsections, refer to the links below:

We hope you find this document comprehensive and informative in understanding the operations and finances of CAP. For more information, contact Doug Dunlap at ddunlap@cap-az.com or at (623) 869-2360.