CAWCD's Land Department is responsible for managing all lands associated with the CAP. Water delivery is CAWCD's primary mission, therefore all proposed uses of CAP land (utility crossings, roadways, communication sites, etc.) are evaluated to determine the overall effect on the CAP.

CAP Land Use

Requests for land use, either from the public or private sector requires that an application be submitted for review before CAWCD can grant a license permitting access and/or use of CAP property.

CAP Temporary Water Use

Temporary Water shall be issued for purposes of a temporary endeavor which has a defined beginning and end.

CAP Trail

When CAP construction began, BOR anticipated the development of a multi-use recreational trail along the entire length of the canal.

Contact the CAWCD Lands Department at 623-869-2555 or by e-mail at if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment to discuss a proposed project.