CAWCD's objective is to facilitate responsible use of the water resources consistent with the "Operating Agreement Between the United States of America and the Central Arizona Water Conservation District For Operation and Maintenance of the Central Arizona Project" (Operating Agreement). Temporary Water shall be issued for purposes of a temporary endeavor which has a defined beginning and end (usually constrained by date or deliverable). Temporary Water shall not be an integral part of the applicants' business operations.

Provided below is a listing of a few Frequently Asked Questions on Temporary Water Use for your reference :

What type of uses qualify for Temporary Water?

Temporary Water shall be permitted for the following uses:

  • Dust Control: Following federal, state and/or local requirements to mitigate the production of dust resulting from activities that may include, but not be limited to: construction projects (building/civil/industrial) and municipal use (city/county road maintenance).
  • Military: Use for training purposes by military personnel to enhance their capacity to perform specific military functions and tasks.
  • Livestock Operations: Use associated with watering livestock to graze a specific number, kind, and class. Authorized livestock operations must hold a federal or state grazing license. A copy must be provided to CAWCD.
  • Other: CAP will consider other use requests on a case by case basis. Authorizations are not guaranteed. Again, Temporary Water must not be an integral part of the applicants' business operations. If the proposed use is not within temporary water standards, the applicant may inquire about CAWCD's excess water procedures.
What should I do before filling out an application?

All applicants should contact CAWCD to verify if the proposed use meets the minimum criteria .

Contact the CAP Lands Department at 623-869-2555 or by e-mail at if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment to discuss a proposed project.

How do I apply for Temporary Water?

If the proposed use qualifies under one of the identified uses, a Right of Entry With Temporary Water Use Application will need to be completed.

NOTE: Availability of water is determined each year based on CAP's excess water availability. Therefore, not all request are guaranteed to be approved.

Are there any other items that need to submitted with the application?

Yes. Other items that need to be included in the initial submittal with the application include:


A precise location of the pump installation, relative to the nearest structure on the canal, is required. CAWCD will provide, upon request, the plan and profile for CAP facilities in the area. The applicant shall identify the location of the proposed installation, including all necessary dimensions, and show the CAP boundaries on the location drawing.


The Applicant shall also submit a cross section drawing showing the physical installation of the withdrawal site. At a minimum, the drawing shall include:

  • The size of the suction and discharge pipe.
  • The depth of the installed suction pipe.
  • The location of the check valve and flow meter.
  • The location of the buried CAP communication / electrical cables in relation to the pump.
  • The location of the pump in relationship to the canal Operation and Maintenance Road and the canal chain link fence.
  • The size of the containment basin.
  • Location of any other items such as an overhead load rack or generator

Standard drawing titled Temporary Water Users Permit, Installation Requirements Detail (STD-C-C04928) shall serve as an example of the items that shall be required of the applicant.


The applicant is required to submit pump specifications that shall include pump type, pump size, and discharge rate. A performance or discharge curve for the pump is also required. CAWCD reserves the right to lower the water level for maintenance and operational needs. At times, the water level could fluctuate by as much as 10 feet. Applicants shall size their pumps accordingly. CAWCD will not be liable for loss of water service due to an installation that cannot accommodate these specified water level fluctuations.


The applicant is required to submit a site map showing ingress and egress, load stand placement, turn around areas, and water withdrawal location (s). The applicant shall provide to CAWCD the number of trucks that will be used to withdraw water(a tag will be provided for each truck upon approval), the make, model, and load capacity of each truck.


CAWCD requires proof of liability insurance before the execution of licenses, easements, or access to CAP property. Applicants must provide a Certificate of Insurance from an "A" rated or better company that names both the United States and the Central Arizona Water Conservation District as additional insureds. Minimum deductibles are noted below:

  • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability as required by Arizona Law
  • General Liability (with Bodily Injury, Property Damage) -- $1,000,000 Per Occurrence
  • Business Automobile Liability Insurance -- $1,000,000 Per Occurrence
  • Umbrella -- $1,000,000


CAWCD requires documentation identifying an individual with the authority to sign legal documents/agreements on behalf of the applicant. The completed Signature Authority and Legal Structure Verification Form and appropriate Signature Authority document(s) must be included with every Lands Use Application submittal package.


Prior to the issuance of a License, other documentation that may be needed include but are not limited to: Dig Permit, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, Dust Control Plan, and Permit Bond (Example), Key Request and Authorization Form.

How long will the application review process take?

Once a complete application package has been submitted and accepted, the first review period takes approximately four (4) weeks. Comments will then be provided back to the applicant. Each subsequent review takes approximately two (2) weeks. The complexity of the project and how well comments are addressed in between submittals, plays an important role in how quickly a project takes to get through the process.

What is the term of the authorization?

In accordance with Title 43 CFR 429.5 (c) "the uses authorized are not permanent or for an indefinite period".

CAP will therefore issue all Right of Entry Licenses with Temporary Water Use for commercial purposes for a period not to exceed three (3) – one (1) year terms. Three years provides a reasonable period consistent with the expected needs of a temporary nature.

Exception: Right of Entry Licenses with Temporary Water Use issued for livestock operations, as defined by CAP Temporary Water Standards, shall be issued for a term of three (3) years for five (5) acre-feet of temporary water with the option to renew the License for an additional three (3) year period.

How much water can be requested each year?

Right of Entry Licenses with Temporary Water Use provide for a minimum 5 acre-feet to 250 acre-feet maximum; unless otherwise approved.

Temporary water use is authorized with the intention of providing the amount of water requested. CAP CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THE REQUESTED AMOUNT WILL BE AVAILABLE.

Are there fees for obtaining Temporary Water?

Yes, there are both administrative and water use fees. There is an initial $2,000 administrative fee that must be submitted with the application. Administrative fees are based on current CAWCD rates for the processing of new License requests. Any modifications or changes to the original license will result in an additional $500 administrative fee for processing the required amendment.

Each applicant shall also accurately assess the amount of water needed to ensure accurate water forecasting by CAWCD. CAWCD personnel may recommend to the applicant the amount of water for the License based on history of water use, type of proposed use or limit the amount based on CAWCD's annual forecast.

Payments for the amount of water requested and all associated fees, based on the most current CAWCD rates, must be received prior to the issuance of each License. The rate per acre-foot is set annually and subject to change.

Determine the cost of water for qualified temporary use with our Water Cost Calculator

The Central Arizona Project current temporary water block rate is as follows:

Minimum of 5 acre feet ..... $1000.00
6 acre feet to 20 acre feet ..... $300.00 per acre-foot
21 acre feet to 100 acre feet ..... $400 per acre-foot
101 acre feet and above ..... $500 per acre-foot

Contact the CAWCD Lands Department at 623-869-2555 or by e-mail at if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment to discuss a proposed project.