CAP's service area is comprised of three counties in central and southern Arizona--Maricopa, Pinal and Pima. This 24,000 square mile area (approximately 20% of the state), includes 5.3 million people, which is some 81% of the state's population.  The service area also includes Arizona's three largest Active Management Areas (Phoenix, Pinal & Tucson) in which water is closely regulated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

CAP Service Area

CAP Service Area


The CAP system serves a variety of water users within the service area, including 55 municipal subcontractors, 10 Native American tribes, and a number of agricultural and excess water customers every year.

CAP staff perform a variety of long-range planning activities within the service area, including supply & demand forecasting, shortage impact and reliability analyses, and projections of CAGRD replenishment obligation.

CAP planning staff are also actively engaged in a number of specific processes, including development of a framework for wheeling non-Project water, recovery of credits stored by the Arizona Water Banking Authority, and development of the CAGRD's 2015 Plan of Operation.

To support its long-range planning activities, CAP develops and maintains models, planning data and GIS capabilities.