The Central Arizona Project (CAP) requires the execution of a water storage agreement (WSA) with customers wishing to store water at a CAP recharge facility. The agreement for storage of water is a standard form agreement with requirements pertaining to scheduling storage capacity, water measurement and accounting, and billing and payment. Before water storage can take place, customers must first obtain the necessary approvals, permits, contracts, and agreements authorizing its use. The following is a general summary of the steps involved in CAP's water storage agreement process:

  • Submit a written letter of intent to the CAP Legal Department/Paralegal requesting a WSA for capacity at an underground storage facility. The request should include a proposed monthly water storage/delivery schedule (in whole acre-feet) for the upcoming calendar year, and specify the facility where water storage is to take place.
  • Obtain a water storage permit from the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR). In order for long term storage credits to be accrued, water storage must take place at a permitted facility, and the potential water storer/customer must have a water storage permit associated with the recharge facility. ADWR can be reached at 602-771-8594.
  • CAP will provide the potential customer with a "Facility Consent to Water Storage" letter for each recharge facility where storage will take place. As required by ADWR, this facility consent to store form must be included in the water storage permit application. The CAP Water Control Department/Water Systems Supervisor will provide the consent to store letter upon request.
  • A fully executed WSA with CAP is required in order to obtain storage capacity in a recharge facility. WSA questions should be directed to the CAP Legal Department/Paralegal.
  • Execute an excess water contract with CAP in order to schedule and purchase CAP water for storage. For information regarding excess water, or instructions on obtaining a CAP excess water contract click here, or contact the CAP Legal Department/Paralegal.
  • Provide proof of insurance in accordance with the requirements of the WSA.
  • Current water delivery rates and storage fee information can be obtained here. Note that all customers are charged the capital recovery rate component for water stored at CAP recharge facilities with the following exceptions:
    • The Arizona Water Banking Authority when storing for CAP Municipal and Industrial (M&I) subcontract firming purposes.
    • The Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District.
    • A co-owner of a recharge facility that is using no more than its share of recharge capacity under the provisions of an intergovernmental agreement.
    • An M&I water provider located within the CAP's three county service area.
    • Following the execution of a WSA with CAP, and prior to ordering water, it is important that customers understand the water scheduling, invoicing, and payment process. Information on this process can be obtained by contacting the CAP Water Control Department/Water Services Administrator.
Above referenced contact information:

Arizona Department of Water Resources: Obtaining water storage permits
Stella Murillo/Recharge: 602-771-8594.

Legal Department: Obtaining contracts, WSA's, agreements, etc.,
Cheryl Visconti: 623-869-2366

Water Control Department: Obtaining "Facility Consent to Water Storage" letters
Marcus Shapiro/Water Systems Supervisor: 623-869-2528

Water Control Department: Water accounts, scheduling, billing, payments, etc.
Water Customer Services Administration: 623-869-2573