Program Background

Designed for students in grades 4-6, this program includes a 6-lesson teacher’s guide and a 3-part video. It is correlated to the ELA Common Core education standards, also called Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.  This program may be particularly useful as a supplement to the study of Arizona as a state, or as a supplement to a physical science unit on natural resources. Many subject areas are integrated into the content to help students develop specific skills (critical thinking, organizing data, predicting, mapping, graphing).

Teacher's Guide
  • Lesson 1: Foundations of Water – Building Background, Water Cycle, Global Water Budget
  • Lesson 2: AZ’s Geography – Map skills, AZ salt dough map, Regions, Precipitation
  • Lesson 3: Watersheds in AZ – Surface Water, Ground water
  • Lesson 4: AZ Water Story – Historical Video
  • Lesson 5: Water Rights and Policy – Problem Solving, Critical Thinking
  • Lesson 6: Water Conservation – Behavioral, Water-Saving Devices, Tree Rings
  • Download the teacher's guide


The video features Arizona youth telling the water story in three, 10-minute segments:

  1. The Water We Take for Granted
  2. Arizona Wasn't Always This Way
  3. What About Tomorrow?

Education Standards

This program is correlated to Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core) for reading, writing, math, science and social studies.