General Information

CAP offers two annual awards for outstanding water research, one in the amount of $1000 to the first place winner, and one for $500 to the second place winner. 

  • Encourage and support excellence in water research in Arizona’s colleges and universities
  • Reinforce CAP’s commitment to water education to hundreds of faculty members and students
  • Increase public interest in water issues associated with the use of Colorado River in Central and Southern Arizona
  • Reach and encourage college-level students interested in pursuing careers in water resource management

  • The CAP Award for Water Research is intended to increase awareness about water issues associated with CAP and the Colorado River.
  • Award recipients may present their research during a public CAP board meeting.
  • Winning papers will be included in the published conference proceedings and on the CAP internet site.

Research Criteria
  • The CAP Award will be available to graduate and undergraduate students at any college or university in the State of Arizona.
  • Papers should address water issues facing the Lower Basin States and should be of interest to CAP and other water users. Priority will be given to papers addressing Colorado River issues.
  • Papers should represent the student's original, unpublished work and not exceed 25 pages.
Suggested Research Topics
  • Drought Management
  • Environmental law
  • Groundwater Resources
  • Indian water rights
  • Public Perception of Water Issues
  • Recharge Riparian Habitat
  • Rural watershed/water use
  • Subsidence
  • Surface water
  • Surface/groundwater relationships
  • Threatened/endangered species
  • Water law
  • Water policy/politics
  • Water rights
  • Water supply/use
Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit the entry form, the complete paper and a one page abstract electronically, please click here. Submissions for the CAP Award for Water Research are accepted anytime during a given year. The deadline for submissions is June 1.

Review Process

Submissions are reviewed by a committee comprised of a member of CAP's popularly elected Board of Directors, CAP staff members and CAP water customers. All applicants are notified of the results of their applications through electronic correspondence.