CAP's People Strategy details the organization's approach to critical elements of employment and contribution. 


Provide employees benefits that are competitive in features and costs, reflective of CAP values and give them the opportunity to balance their work and personal lives.


Assist employees in responding positively to organizational and personal change through planning, training and communication.  Employees are partners in change management.


Actively promote effective, timely, multi-directional communications that listen to, inform, involve and educate employees and other stakeholders to build learning and trust.


Compensate employees for their performance and contributions in a manner that considers both internal equity and external competitiveness and encourages their development.


Recruit, retain and develop talented employees that reflect the communities we serve; create an inclusive work environment free from personal or organizational biases; strive for understanding, education and awareness.

Employee Relations

Promote employee relationships characterized by honest and open communications, respect, teamwork and trust.  Foster a culture in which policies and practices are fairly and consistently applied.  Recognize the value of diversity.  Resolve conflict effectively, quickly and respectfully.

Health Safety, and Environment

Share responsibility among all managers and employees to maintain a safe work environment, promote safe practices and comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety law and regulations.

Organizational Development

Use organizational development techniques and tools to achieve an efficient organization capable of rapid change.


Ensure that employees and managers engage in effective, honest and timely two-way communications about performance plans, evaluations, feedback, measurement and development that optimize opportunities for them and CAP to succeed.


Be an employer of choice in order to actively recruit, select and retain proficient, successful employees.


Strategically employ technology and processes for the creation, collection, storage, use an distribution of information to help achieve CAP's business objectives.

Training and Development

All employees share the responsibility for effective learning, development and transference of knowledge, skills and abilities that improve job performance, build intellectual capital and contribute to organizational success.