Infrastructure as intricate as CAP’s involves complex drawings that need to be continuously monitored and updated.

Mark Wilmer Pumping Plant ConstructionIn order to maintain the security and integrity of these drawings, CAP recently developed a customized “Vault” – a world-class Engineering Document Management System (EDMS). The ultimate goal was to augment, automate and accelerate the process of updating and maintaining these critical drawings.

Of course, each piece of infrastructure had its original design/build documents. But now, CAP needs to update those drawings as we work on system upgrades and field repairs/replacements. Anyone who modifies one of CAP’s physical assets needs to capture these changes so everything is well documented for future needs. A further complicating factor? It’s not uncommon to have the same drawings used at the same time for a number of different projects or asset modifications. Without careful management, chaos can easily ensue, especially when dealing with multiple revisions to the same drawing.

To find a viable solution, CAP worked with Autodesk, a third-party design, engineering and construction software company to custom design a system to meet CAP’s needs. A great deal of time, capital and hard work went into this joint venture, primarily because trustworthy engineering drawings are essential to the efficient, safe and reliable maintenance and operations of CAP’s physical assets.

This might not seem like a monumental feat until you pause to consider that the majority of CAP’s massive set of engineering drawings were created in an era where everything was done by hand! Now, the new Vault system replaces paper documents with a system that is complex in design and sophisticated in functionality, yet simple to use. The Vault system tracks changes electronically, saving all comments, mark-ups and edits in its database. Remarkably, this saves hundreds of labor hours each month – in all, yielding more than a 207% increase in productivity annually!

CAP’s Vault has created a bit of a buzz, not just in Phoenix, but also throughout the utility sector and CADD community, being noted as one of the top EDMS systems in the industry.

But the work isn’t over yet. Saying the Vault implementation ended at the point we started using it is like saying CAP finished its work when the canal construction was completed! The hard part of any system implementation is improving and refining it, so the full potential benefits are realized – reducing costs while improving reliability, safety and efficiency. CAP’s Vault team has already added additional functionality and automation and will continue to seek opportunities to make improvements into the future.

CAP Vault

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