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By Lauren Welch, CAP Intern and former Kid’s Day kid

Kid’s Day is a big event here at CAP, and I have had the lucky opportunity to be both a child attendee and an adult presenter. My Dad (Dave Welch, Centralized Maintenance Manager) brought me to Kid’s Day when I was in elementary school.

CAP Kids Day by Lauren Welch

While I don’t remember too many details, a couple big things stuck with me. The first is that work is a normal part of life. As a kid, seeing the place my Dad works made it that much more real in my mind and helped me understand the importance of working. The second is that work can be fun and engaging. Seeing CAP employees excited as they talk about what they do was very encouraging as a child.

Now as a college graduate, I work as the Biology intern and was lucky enough to catch Kid’s Day so I could see it from the other side. At CAP’s Kids Day, employees volunteer to host activities which showcase their work. The activity I participated in – “What’s My Job?” – was hosted by the CAP Diversity and Inclusion team. This involved giving the kids a list of clues so they could guess the CAP job. Once the kids correctly guessed the job, each employee would give a few details about their work, highlighting its value and importance.

While my time as a biologist at a CAP has been short, I was happy to share with the kids all of the things I’ve learned. From mapping weeds in the canal that can cause issues at pumping plants to monitoring invasive quagga muscles, the biology job is an important one at CAP. And even more importantly, it is fun!

Showing kids that jobs can be interesting and valuable while still being fun is very important, especially for the age group that is currently thinking about what they may want to be when they grow up. It was wonderful to see the kids asking questions about jobs that were unfamiliar to them. From biology to apprenticeship to community relations, there is something out there for everyone!

CAP’s Diversity and Inclusion team did a great job displaying the importance of bringing together different backgrounds and ideas. Everyone brings their own perspective and ideas to the table, and that diversity is what makes CAP great. I think it is important we send that message to kids so they understand that no matter their background, or what they want to do with their future, they can be valuable members of the community and their future workforce.

Overall, my experience with CAP, as both an intern and as a Kid’s Day kid, has been overwhelmingly positive. I am proud to say that CAP has had large influence on my life and will continues to do in my future endeavors.

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