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The Colorado River is a critical water supply for millions of residents, businesses, industries, farms and the environment in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

Aerial View of the Colorado River

Today, the Colorado River meets all applicable water quality standards – the challenge in an era of drought is to protect and maintain that quality moving forward.

To that end, Central Arizona Project, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Southern Nevada Water Authority work collaboratively on a range of initiatives and programs to manage lower Colorado River water. This involves environmental protection, Lake Mead conservation and safeguarding the water quality we all deliver to our customers from the river.

As part of this partnership, the agencies are committed to:

  • Identifying water quality challenges for the Lower Colorado River watershed
  • Collaborating on research to find effective solutions
  • Developing policies and programs to improve Colorado River water quality and to ensure long-term sustainability of this resource

Learn more about solutions being explored to meet the Colorado River’s complex water quality challenges in a fact sheet released by the three participating agencies.

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