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What do Kazakhstan dignitaries, Boy Scouts, Valley Leadership members and Desert Botanical Garden docents have in common? They are all interested in learning more about Central Arizona Project and have recently toured and/or heard presentations about the history and significance of CAP.

CAP-Blog-1-23-14Interested in learning more, too? Book your tour or presentation today!

CAP can match you with a speaker and presentation tailored to your group’s unique needs. Topics include:

  • CAP 101
  • Future water supplies for central and southern Arizona
  • Water conservation and environmental issues related to the Colorado River
  • Climate change and its impact on water supplies
  • CAP-Blog2-1-23-14

    Colorado River augmentation
  • Interstate water banking
  • Water and power issues

CAP also provides tours of its headquarters throughout the year. Tours are conducted to the public free of charge and provide a general overview of CAP, as well as technical and operational information to groups with special requests.

For more information, contact Crystal Thompson at 623-869-2138 or


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