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On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., Central Arizona Project (CAP) representatives caught up with members of Arizona’s congressional delegation. They were able sit down with several of our representatives plus Senator Jeff Flake to discuss CAP and its importance to Arizona’s current and future water supply.

 Topics discussed included:

  • The Navajo Generating Station issue and its potential to increase water and power rates for the state’s residents – and the subsequent “Better than BART” proposal, which CAP believes is the best solution for Arizona
  • A potential Colorado River water shortage as early as 2016 and how this would affect CAP and Arizona
  • The Colorado River Basin Study, which projects a possible imbalance between water supplies and the demand by 2060 and how CAP is looking to increase water supplies through augmentation and conservation

Beginning Thursday, Sept. 26, these videos will begin airing on the CAP Channel and will be posted to CAP’s YouTube channel, as well. The first video in the series features U.S. Senator Jeff Flake.

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