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If you’re a Kindergartner through 5th grader, you might learn the answer as part of CAP’s updated H20 for Kids lessons now available on the CAP website.

cap water education h2o for kids

The curriculum, explores questions such as:

  • How did the Hohokam canals make it easier to collect water?
  • How does water travel through the CAP canal to reach central and southern Arizona?
  • How is Arizona’s water supply connected to other states?
  • How have people in Arizona modified or adapted to the Arizona climate?

All content is aligned to the new Arizona Science and Social Studies standards, integrating English/Language Arts. The lessons include engaging and fun activities for students from Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Teachers, homeschoolers and interested parents can download the material here.

And, in case you’re curious – what does pizza have to do with water conservation? Most, if not all ingredients rely on fresh, clean water!

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