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How much is a trillion? It’s a million millions or a thousand billions. And $2 trillion? You guessed it – two million millions and two thousand billions!

Economic Impact of CAP to Arizona

If all those zeros (if you’re counting, that’s 12) make your head spin, you’re probably not alone. Two trillion is a big number – and that’s the number of dollars CAP’s delivery of Colorado River water has generated for Arizona’s gross state product (GSP) since water deliveries began. This is one of the numbers found in “The Economic Impact of Central Arizona Project to the State of Arizona,” a study prepared by the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

To estimate the extent to which the State of Arizona economy would have been smaller without the annual availability and supply of water from CAP, researchers at ASU’s L. William Seidman Research Institute prepared a baseline scenario of Arizona's annual economy as it has evolved with CAP water deliveries. A 'no-CAP' scenario was produced for the same time period with water supplies reduced by the amount delivered each year by CAP. The differences between the scenarios represent the annual and cumulative impacts of CAP water deliveries on Arizona GSP and employment.

For other key findings take a look at the study and a fact sheet recently posted by CAP.

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