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The largest gathering of those interested in the Colorado River convenes next week (Dec. 16-18) in Las Vegas to celebrate 70 years of collaborative planning and partnerships at the Colorado River Water Users Association Annual Conference. More than 800 water leaders, policy makers and consultants are scheduled to attend and Central Arizona Project will be presenting at a number of the sessions.

The conference brings together representatives from the seven Colorado River Basins states, the federal government and Mexico to participate in a multitude of informative technical sessions, panel discussions and meetings. Taking part in the annual conference is considered a significant opportunity for key decision makers from the Colorado River basin states.

Highlights include:

  • Keynote session, “Basin Perspectives and Challenges,” featuring Ken Salazar, U.S. Secretary of the Interior (2009-2013), as well as Robert Snow, Office of the Solicitor, U.S. Department of the Interior and Jeff Kightlinger, general manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. The session will be moderated by Jim Lochhead, CEO, Denver Water.
  • Opening session with The Honorable Gregory Hobbs, former Justice, Colorado Supreme Court
  • Drought and Legal Colloquiums on the System Conservation Pilot Program and Tribal Water Transfers
  • Special session dedicated to agricultural issues across the seven states that share the Colorado River

Tom McCann, CAP’s deputy general manager, will be participating in a panel discussion, “More Slices Than Pie – Structural Deficit on the Colorado.” And Brian Buzzard, CAP maintenance control manager, and Darrin Francon, CAP centralized maintenance manager, will take part in a panel discussion on “Aging Arteries: Repairing and Replacing Water Infrastructure.”

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