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More than 70 area Boy Scouts have learned more about Arizona’s natural resources and their stewardship of them, thanks to CAP’s support of the Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge. The boys got an up-close look at the job of CAP’s hydrologists to see how their work impacts the water we all depend upon and the responsibility we all have to ensure it is used intelligently and cared for properly.


As part of their work on the badge, the scouts are treated to a behind-the-scenes CAP tour, while they learn more about the engineering marvel that is CAP and its role with regard to Arizona’s environment. The badge requirements include a focus on soil, erosion, watersheds, conservation and the hydrologic cycle. Arizona State Parks also supports the badge.  

Boy-Scouts-04Joel Clark, DDS, a local pediatric dentist, attended one of the CAP presentations along with his son. “We were both very impressed with the presentation and the questions the Scouts asked. Taking a tour and having employees explain how things work and answer our questions was extremely impressive. As a result, I’ve been recommending this merit badge to other Scout families I know. I’d like to thank CAP for giving scouts, leaders and parents such a great educational experience!”

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