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The Phoenix Open has passed. Spring is in the air. And many Valley residents are looking forward to endless rounds of golf. But while you’re on the course, you might wonder about a potential water shortage and how that relates to the gorgeous greens all around you. 

Development-Along-Canal-18Valley golf courses are well aware of water conservation issues and work hand in hand with Central Arizona Project to not only caretake their greens, but also our Colorado River supplies. More and more, especially in the desert, golf courses are committed to the sustainable use of water supplies. Examples include:

  • Upgrading and redesigning irrigation systems
  • Reducing the need for overseeding
  • Recycling water
  • Using less turf and water features

Recently, CAP's Brian Henning was interviewed by NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 for the Golf Channel, which regularly features information for golf course managers and superintendents. CAP participates a few times a year to give an update on Colorado River supply and operational issues.

Henning also recently spoke at a Cactus & Pine Golf Course Superintendents Association regulatory seminar entitled “Keep Informed, Get Updated and Have No Reason to Ask Why.” 

CAP will continue to work with the golf industry to update them on the drought and status of the CAP water supply and the Colorado River system and to discuss how the prospect of a shortage will impact Arizona water users, including golf courses.

For now, though, tee off, resting assured that the course you’re on is providing recreational opportunities in a sustainable way.

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