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Next week, CAP celebrates its commitment to safety during its sixth annual Safety Week. Although on-the-job safety is certainly a high priority, CAP also commits to its employees’ safety in all aspects of their lives – hobbies, family, and even finances. 

Fall-Protection-07During Safety Week, employees take classes in a variety of safety-related topics from First Aid to Desert Survival to Overhead Crane Training. There are lunchtime keynote speakers – including KTAR’s Rosie Romero of Rosie on the House fame – and a Health & Wellness Expo where employees can have lab work done and take a health risk assessment. In addition, co-workers have the opportunity to network and learn more about other parts of the organization.

But, primarily, Safety Week is about building our safety culture.

“CAP safety culture is a set of core values and behaviors that emphasizes safety as an overriding priority. While those values are the foundation, individual behaviors ultimately determine and drive the true culture within an organization, and that is why Safety Week is so important,” said General Manager Ted Cooke.  


The CAP culture focuses on safety as a primary, innate part of each workday. Safety Week focuses on continuous improvement in this area with an emphasis on safe practices 24/7, at work and at home. Safety is so important at CAP that’s it’s stated as one of the organization’s top five annual goals: Increase safety awareness, manage safety performance and promote safe, responsible behavior.

“Safety Week is a great opportunity for all of us to consider our individual commitment to the culture that has been built at CAP, and which we are constantly striving to improve upon,” said Cooke.

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