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The CAWCD Board of Directors recently formed a special Customer Service Task Force to identify actionable improvements to CAP’s customer service processes.

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At its second meeting held May 17, the Task Force heard a detailed presentation regarding the Discovery Phase findings.

At the same meeting, Task Force members prioritized its primary focus areas. Through a collaborative process, four priorities were identified:

  1. Board Committees – find ways to improve empowerment of Board Committees and level of trust in work done by Committees
  2. Behavioral Issues – work on listening skills and development of personal relationships
  3. Board meeting structure – explore ways to make better use of meetings to improve stakeholder relationships and enable more stakeholder input
  4. Create new processes to hear all perspectives

The Task Force encourages all stakeholders to participate in this process. In addition to attending meetings, CAP has set up an email address to submit any comments or questions to the Task Force:

The Task Force would like to collect as much feedback as possible on the main areas of focus listed above prior to the next Task Force Meeting at 1 p.m., June 21.

Any updates before that meeting will be posted to the Customer Service Task Force web page.

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