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Water is a complex business, so CAP is working hard to educate the public about the importance of water to our desert state. That includes where CAP water comes from, how we use it and how it affects our quality of life.

Know Your Water Advertising

That's why CAP has launched its “Know Your Water” campaign to highlight the economic impact of Colorado River water delivered by CAP to the state, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Colorado River Basin Project Act, educate people about the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) and to showcase CAP water users and even employees.

The Know Your Water webpage includes water vocabulary, videos and infographics aimed at educating the general public in central and southern Arizona regarding their Colorado River water source. The campaign also includes advertising and public service announcements. Recently, the campaign unveiled a new billboard featuring a CAP electrician. The billboard can be seen at two different locations along I-10 south of Phoenix and I-10 before the US-60 Superstition freeway transition.

In addition to the outdoor billboards, there are messages on social media, cable TV and in print. To date, the digital campaign has garnered more than 850,000 impressions, generating nearly 4,000 clicks. The video portion of the digital campaign touted nearly 50,000 video views. Social media posts and videos reached more than 435,000 and recorded 6,208 clicks.

Soon, the campaign will feature interviews with CAP employees explaining what they do and how their work ensures a reliable water supply for central and southern Arizona. Look for those and other Know your Water features in future issues of CAP News.

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