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The CAP Customer Service Task Force held its last meeting on Aug. 16. At that meeting, the task force voted on a set of recommendations to put forward to the CAWCD Board of Directors on September 6, 2018.

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The recommendations, which were developed based on stakeholder feedback collected during the past few months, are:

  1. Create way for stakeholders to provide comments and ask questions online prior to meetings and in real time. (electronic blue cards)
  2. Create more effectiveness and efficiency of committees and task forces in order for the Board to have confidence in and rely on the work done in those committees
  3. Conduct more discussions with stakeholders before Board meetings, include their perspectives in Board briefs (directed toward staff)
  4. To increase engagement, give more advance notice of issues, which will be considered by the Board and Committees, including timely posting of documents
  5. Invite stakeholders to participate in roundtable discussions on specific issues as an information-gathering exercise
  6. Identify opportunities for more efficient, effective and inclusive stakeholder input beyond what is included in other themes, including possible formation of stakeholder advisory groups

And to:

  • Direct staff to create short-term action plans for these items and bring them back to the Board for consideration
  • Direct staff to report to the Board quarterly on progress for Customer Service Task Force recommendations, to maintain all ideas and action steps identified in the Discovery Phase

The objective of the Customer Service Task Force was to identify actionable improvements to CAP customer service processes. The task force was chaired by CAWCD Board President Lisa Atkins and Board Member Benjamin Graff. The six-month process included extensive stakeholder interviews, focus groups and a public survey followed by a series of four public meetings.

For more information, visit the Customer Service Task Force webpage and video.

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