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Central Arizona Project’s 450 employees work hard to provide reliable, affordable water supplies to more than five million people throughout central and southern Arizona. The organization has set high expectations of all employees to meet several “continuous improvement goals.” In 2013, for the second year in a row, CAP exceeded each of these goals, including:

  • Deliver CAP's full annual share of the Colorado River to the satisfaction of CAP's customers and stakeholders. Result: CAP diverted more than 1.65 million acre-feet (nearly 540 billion gallons) off the Colorado River, more than 103% of its annual goal.

    Big 5 2013

  • Control costs and promote rate stabilityResult: CAP's operating expenses and capital expenditures ended the year within its rigorous management objectives.
  • Maintain and improve CAP infrastructure through reliability-centered maintenance Result: CAP exceeded this goal by limiting unexpected outages, ensuring all facilities were available more than 98% of the time for operations and scheduled maintenance. Also, CAP surpassed its stringent internal maintenance benchmarks.
  • Increase safety awareness, manage safety performance and promote safe, responsible behavior Result: CAP's safety program exceeded the 2013 goal by successfully minimizing preventable accidents and reducing their severity, achieving its best safety performance in CAP's history.Picacho-Pumping-Plant-19
  • Promote communication, teamwork and collaboration across all units within CAP Result: This goal was measured by having more than 90 percent of all employees participate in at least two Safety Week activities. CAP met this goal with 96.3% of employees attending at least two events and 84% participating in three or more activities.


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