If you’ve ever been curious about CAP’s water deliveries – how much water is ordered and subsequently delivered each year – CAP’s new Water Deliveries webpage gives you a great snapshot with as much detail as you care to know!?

Santa Rosa TurnoutFrom its first delivery in May 1985, CAP has been tracking the deliveries it makes along the canal system. The resulting delivery report has allowed each water user to cross-check against its own delivery records. Over the years, as more water users came online, additional information was added about the various delivery locations, cost per acre foot for various programs and recharge statistics. During the past three years, CAP has invested in enhanced technology to more clearly communicate and publish this delivery data for our customers and other interested stakeholders.

Here’s what you can now see when you visit the new page:

  • Water scheduled for delivery from the system – check the summary table in the YTD Delivery Report by Contract Type. These schedules represent water that was ordered by a water user the October prior to the reported calendar year. The information is updated during the year, as water users request changes to their water delivery schedules.
  • Total delivery by contract type – the summary table in the YTD Delivery Report by Contract Type also shows the contract type. Water ordered by a water user is generally delivered to a water user’s service area unless the water user requests that it be delivered to either a groundwater savings facility (GSF) or an underground storage facility (USF).
  • Amount of water stored and where it’s located – the YTD Delivery Report by Recharge Facility breaks down storage by storage type first (GSF or USF), by Active Management Area (AMA), by recharge facility and by the entity storing the water.

And, since the reports are filled with acronyms – otherwise they’d be 10 times as long! – you can also access a glossary in case you’re unsure of what something means.

Questions about these reports? Call 623-869-2573.

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